world's smallest postal service

Don't you love handwritten notes... brown paper package tied up with strings? Then you will absolutely love Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs - who is the postmaster behind the world's smallest postal service.

I had to email Lea directly myself and ask the obvious question - how do you mail such a tiny letter? Well, she was so sweet in her response and kindly explained how the tiny letter or package gets placed in a postal approved size mailer including a magnifying glass! She's thought of everything of course... 

I've actually done something similar like this many years ago when we had our first house warming party. The smallest thing I could find though were ceramic plates underneath small potted plants {about 4 inches wide}. I wrapped these in newspaper and attached a moving ticket receipt that included the party's details. So I can definitely appreciate and admire the detail and creativity behind found objects that make a statement. 

The tiny little letter that's only 1" x 1.5" can hold up to 5-6 sentences - imagine what poetic words you could send to a loved one, a dear friend, and even the most curious of children... Note only are these so lovely to send or receive, but there are a dozen occasions and ways you could... like as a clue for a scavenger hunt? A baby shower card, birth announcement, or a simple thank you for even the smallest of gestures.

Lea seals the letters with a drop of beeswax with the sender's initials on it... {sighing}. Too lovely isn't it? I'm actually trying to plan a few special messages... coming up with the words is now my challenge.

Letters are just $9 and the packages, with wonderful tiny curios are $10 - and both can be ordered online. Check out her blog, and other creative projects on her website - that is too big to be missed!

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