world's smallest postal service

Don't you love handwritten notes... brown paper package tied up with strings? Then you will absolutely love Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs - who is the postmaster behind the world's smallest postal service.

I had to email Lea directly myself and ask the obvious question - how do you mail such a tiny letter? Well, she was so sweet in her response and kindly explained how the tiny letter or package gets placed in a postal approved size mailer including a magnifying glass! She's thought of everything of course... 

I've actually done something similar like this many years ago when we had our first house warming party. The smallest thing I could find though were ceramic plates underneath small potted plants {about 4 inches wide}. I wrapped these in newspaper and attached a moving ticket receipt that included the party's details. So I can definitely appreciate and admire the detail and creativity behind found objects that make a statement. 

The tiny little letter that's only 1" x 1.5" can hold up to 5-6 sentences - imagine what poetic words you could send to a loved one, a dear friend, and even the most curious of children... Note only are these so lovely to send or receive, but there are a dozen occasions and ways you could... like as a clue for a scavenger hunt? A baby shower card, birth announcement, or a simple thank you for even the smallest of gestures.

Lea seals the letters with a drop of beeswax with the sender's initials on it... {sighing}. Too lovely isn't it? I'm actually trying to plan a few special messages... coming up with the words is now my challenge.

Letters are just $9 and the packages, with wonderful tiny curios are $10 - and both can be ordered online. Check out her blog, and other creative projects on her website - that is too big to be missed!

matryoshka dress

Searching for birthday party themes is no easy task - and when we finally decided to do a matryoshka doll theme, searching for this icon was even harder! Until I came across Lolah Pop on Etsy! An unbelievably beautiful handmade shop of children's clothes and accessories. So when I saw this Little Matryoshka Pee-a-Book Pocket Jumper - the colors, polka-dots, and theme was finally settled!

So sweet isn't it? Our birthday girl will be wearing one of these, and we can't wait to receive it! It's what to me, childhood is about.

Made to order, visit Shannon's whimsical outfittings at her shop, Lolah Pop Vintage Baby on Etsy...

blossoms from portugal

I've recently discovered that "Z," a dear friend of mine, has been spending some time healing - and finding solace through her hands - crafting beautiful little doll girls [and boys!] to life. Using her favorite fabrics, these Blossoms carry an expression that could only be saying one thing- love me.

By Crafty Doula

By Crafty Doula

Not surprisingly, her collection from this lot [above photos] have sold quickly - but you can still find a few similar ones at her online store - or inquire about a custom order by visiting her crafting blog. Owning or creating a handmade doll of your own is like owning a piece of history - as young girls before the age of time have played, danced, and shared tea with their stitched playmates. If you're lucky, you have one passed down to you from your own geneology map. But for the rest of us, we can't help but create a history of our own - buying handmade, and bringing childhood - as it was meant to me - to life for our own kids - in paisleys and polka dots of course!

Zelia created this one for Ava - and we're excited about her arrival next week all the way from Portugal! She will be cherished and played with - and of course, hear all of Ava's stories and secrets she has yet to share...

By Crafty Doula

About the crafter:: Ze
Zelia Evora is one of those moms we wish we could emulate more of - natural in every fiber, she parents the way she lives - nurturing all those that surround her - so it wasn't surprising when I learned that she's also a doula! When we first met through the blogging world - she graciously sent me a package containing beautiful Portugal fabric with a handwritten note - to hopefully inspire me to create dolls of my own. I have yet to do so - but every time I see her fabric sitting on my desk - I think of her and her motivation for mothers to express themselves creatively.

At home in Portugal, you'll find her running her own baby-wearing business and crafting - from dolls to quilts! Visit Zelia's online store, or handmade blog to see more photos of her Blossoms or send her an email about your custom order.